Parents are always welcome at the preschool. We want to develop a close relationship with each child's family and we encourage visits to the school, attendance at the orientation meeting, and informal contacts with the teachers whenever possible. We encourage parents to come and share with the children their professional skills or hobbies. 

Parents attend twice-yearly parent-teacher conferences, which provide a formal opportunity for teachers to report on your child’s progress. We also rely on parents to chaperone and provide field trip transportation and to assist and participate in social events and fundraisers. Along with our teachers, parents also form our Board of Directors, which is elected annually.  


Jan Eyman
Jan is one of our Co-Directors and has been on staff since 1984. She has a B.S. in Elementary Education and is a licensed teacher. She has also completed graduate course work in education. Jan's years of experience at University Preschool and her dedication to our children's preschool education makes her an invaluable part of our teaching team.  

Colette Szeszycki
​Colette has a B.A. in Business A​dministration and has spent 20 years in Iowa City working with children of all ages. She was an assistant teacher at University Preschool for 12 years before taking a two-year hiatus to explore the world of kindergarten. She is back at University Preschool as one of our Co-Directors to share her creativity and expertise.    

Toby Turner

Toby has a B.A. in English and teacher certification in elementary education. She has also completed graduate course work in elementary education. She is a licensed teacher with experience working with children in preschool through 4th grade. She is a former parent and substitute teacher at University Preschool; this combined with her broader teaching experience makes her a great asset to our school.    

Left to right:  Teachers Toby, Jan and Colette

Our teachers
Our curriculum and daily activities

Preschool is a time of discovery for your child. It is also a transition between the familiar home environment and the more structured elementary school setting. For over 65 years, University Preschool's program has provided a relaxed setting for this first venture away from family and home. Our philosophy is that play is children’s work and that, with guidance from a trained and caring staff, significant learning occurs during play. Your child will be encouraged to learn in a friendly atmosphere that fosters self-confidence and a positive self-image. The play-based curriculum is designed to provide opportunities for both self-initiated as well as teacher-directed activities. It also promotes interaction and cooperation with classmates—the social skills needed throughout life. The school's teacher-to-child ratio of one-to-eight supports the curriculum by providing ample opportunity for individual attention.

Our philosophy
A time of discovery

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Parent involvement
Where kids play to learn!


Our wide range of age-appropriate play-based learning activities and experiences are designed to encourage your child’s development in the following areas:

​​1.    Social interaction with peers and adults
2.    Creativity and self-expression
3.    Coordination and physical development of large and small muscles
4.    School-readiness skills (attained through play and school-like activities)
5.    Independence and self-direction
6.    Community awareness (attained through regularly scheduled trips and resource visitors)
7.    Good nutrition and healthy eating habits

In our roomy, cheerful two-story house, class time at University Preschool includes free choice play, story time, art projects, music activities, weekly show and tell, science and cooking projects, activities to encourage fine motor skills, and presentations from resource people from the community. Our themed play rooms offer an opportunity to enhance development in the areas of social/emotional, self-help, cognitive, fine/gross motor, sensory and dramatic play skills. Outdoor equipment and toys in our large fenced yard encourage development of your child's coordination and motor skills.
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